Spring Break on Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

Schools were closed for the Easter holiday and spring break – and it appears everyone decided to come to Edisto to celebrate.

While I’ve been out of school for many years, which means spring breaks haven’t been a part of my life for a long time, being around so many spring breakers makes it easy to remember what it was like in my glory days.

In childhood, visiting Edisto before the summer season was nothing short of amazing. That was during a time when my skin seemed to be impervious to cold temperatures, so playing in the water took up the majority of my day.

My teen years were spent driving up and down Palmetto Boulevard (gas was around $1 per gallon then). My friends and I were like heat-seeking missiles searching for other teens; however, once we found them, we’d generally slow up just enough to see if they were cute or not, and then we’d speed off leaving nothing but the sounds of our horrible boy-band music fading in our wake.

College spring breaks were different…. and probably the best. These were the years when my parents no longer chaperoned the trips, which was great for me, and probably beneficial for them seeing as the level of debauchery would have made them age prematurely. This was also the time when I got my first speeding ticket on Jungle Road…. going 52 in a 30 is never a good idea, but tell that to a 19 year old.

Keep in mind that rental homes can’t be rented to anyone under 25 years old in many cases, so if you’ve got a wild hair to party at the beach, you might want to go elsewhere.

Once college ended and so-called ‘real life’ began, I didn’t get to come to the beach as much for spring break. When I did, I spent the time walking at the water’s edge, relaxing on the porch, and taking the boat out. Once I moved to Edisto fulltime, I no longer had to worry about getting to the island in time for any of the traditional break times. However, it’s still fun to relive some of those memories.

There’s just a little more than a month left before the high-season begins, so there’s ample time to come to the island and get your spring break on. Rates on rental homes are discounted this time of year, so book now to take advantage of this beautiful time of year.

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