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Edisto is such a small place, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on beaches. With more than three miles of sandy shores, there’s a little bit of paradise for everyone. Plus, unlike other beaches nearby, Edisto Beach is public, so you’ll never have to worry about walking onto private property.

Check out this list to understand why Edisto Beach is truly amazing:


Edisto Beach State Park


If you’re staying at the Edisto Beach State Park, you’ll fall in love with the way the palm trees stand as sentinels between the campground and the wide expanse of beach. This part of the beach is bookended by the Pavilion on one side and Jeremy’s Inlet on the other.

Many visitors and locals love to walk to the inlet and see how the creek rushes into the ocean. This area of the beach is also a favorite among the areas loggerhead sea turtles who use it as their nesting grounds.


Before the Point


Then there’s the beach that runs from the 100 block of Palmetto Boulevard all the way to Point Street. The beach is decorated with wild sea oats and sand dunes.

During low tide when the water recedes, the beach is a perfect place to look for seashells and shark teeth.

If you’re in the water during low tide, try feeling for sand dollars lying on the ocean floor. If you’re particularly adept with your toes, you’ll be able to pull one up without even diving. Be sure to leave the sand dollars behind if you do find them, after all, if you got to live in the ocean, would you want to be taken out of it?

During high tide, the beach provides a perfect place for anyone looking to body surf. If you’re into adventure, swimming during high tide provides tons of it. Just be careful, the currents are strong and you definitely don’t want to get swept into the groins that line Edisto Beach (these are rocky structures like jetties that prevent erosion).

Point Street and Beyond


Point Street marks a point in the beach where there is a bend in the island. It’s where the Atlantic Ocean becomes St. Helena Sound. The beach in this location is much like it is before the point, but if you continue walking, the waves smooth out, the beach itself becomes wider, and the homes that line the beach are set farther back (or at least they seem that way, thanks to erosion on other parts of the beach).

The beach along St. Helena Sound is perfect for families with small children as the surf is gentler and it features dozens of tidal pools.


The Wildlife


One of the best things about the beach is being able to look out over the water and see pods of dolphin as they swim by. Many times they trail the shrimp boats as they come in and out, but they can be seen almost all day long.

Sea turtles are another species that aren’t too shy about making Edisto Beach their home. The summer months are especially great because this is the time when the loggerheads nest on the beach. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see one come out of the water to lay eggs. Just be sure not to bother the turtles as they are protected by federal, state, and local laws.

The beach is also home to various crabs and birds. If you look carefully while walking on the beach at night, you might even get a glimpse of a ghost crab.


The Peace


There are few things in the world that can even compare with sitting on the beach and listening as the waves crash against the shore. Try taking in a sunrise or watching the sunset during your next visit. Even if you’ve come dozens of times before, it never ceases to be amazing.


Plan Your Visit


If you’ve been away too long, you’ll want to come back soon. Edisto Beach is just too good of a place to stay away from too long.

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