Edisto Beach Pavilion to Receive Updates for Summer

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Change just keeps happening on Edisto Beach.

Enterprise Pavilion, which has been owned by Enterprise Bank ever since they took it back when its former owners lost it due to foreclosure, now has a host of new tenants.

Van Maxwell and Lytle Prichard, both of whom run Whaley’s, signed a lease so that they could start a new restaurant in the Enterprise Pavilion and revamp what was previously known as Coots Lounge. The Sanders family previously leased the restaurant space and bar.

Menu suggestions are being taken, so feel free to visit Whaley’s Facebook page and leave a message for Maxwell and Prichard.

As of now, the bar will be closed until interior renovations can be completed. The restaurant itself should be open sometime in June.

Hopefully the food and drinks offered will make the Pavilion the happening place again like it used to be. After all, it is Edisto’s only oceanfront restaurant.

The gift shop in the building, which was also previously leased by the Sanders family, is now being leased to Lana Rast, owner of Sugartime, the candy store located in Palmetto Plaza.

In other restaurant news, Po’ Pigs BBQ should be opening in its new location any day now. The restaurant is currently located next to the Horizon gas station out on Highway 174. Owner Robert Lee said he hopes to open the new location next to True Value Hardware Store right by the Atwood Agency as soon as possible.

Po’ Pigs is one of Edisto’s most popular restaurants. It’s even been written about in several publications for its lowcountry cuisine, which includes pulled pork, pulled turkey, barbecue chicken, fried seafood, hash, macaroni, rice, collard greens, and everything else one would expect of a down-home southern restaurant. Plus, they have some of the best pie ever made.

Once Po’ Pigs makes its way to the new location, fans on the beach won’t have to drive quite as far for their fix of pulled pork, hush puppies, chicken gumbo, and everything else in between.

Grover’s has yet to reopen, but if rumors prove to be true, it should open in time for the summer season.

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