Honeymooning on Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

There are many destinations in the world that people think of for honeymoons. Many times, Edisto Beach is not one of them…. but it should be.

Edisto is perhaps one of the most perfect places for a honeymoon any time of the year. Here’s why.

Amazing Beach Getaways

The beach and the island are exceptionally private. This means visitors can tailor-make their honeymoon to include exactly what they want.

Looking for a private getaway in a modern house right on the beach? Not a problem. Some of the houses on the beach even come with pools.

Looking to stay in a small cottage nestled in the woods and just a short drive to the beach? Edisto has that, too.

The island has everything from cozy cottages to fully-equipped condos to state-of-the-art homes. There’s something for everyone on the island in terms of lodging. There’s even camping at the beach or in the woods, if you’re into that kind of thing (word to the wise: make sure the wife knows about the camping idea or you might find yourself in the world’s shortest marriage).

Having Fun on the Island

When it comes to activities, Edisto is full of them.

In the warm months, which can last from April all the way to November, there’s nothing better than walking the beach and taking a dip in the ocean. Of course these things are also possible when the weather gets a little chilly, but that’s not always everyone’s cup of tea.

Luckily, even if you come to the island without a boat or kayaks of your own, you can still get out on the water. Many companies offer boat rides, sunset tours, kayaking trips, dolphin viewing, and even fishing trips. Most of these trips are offered year-round, and the scenery is always beautiful.

Water activities aren’t the only things to do on Edisto. Many visitors love to take advantage of the abundant trails offered in the state park system. These walks feature everything from scenic views of the marsh to wildlife encounters to historical learning opportunities. Plus, these trails are so remote and unpopulated that they give a visitors a chance to sneak in a little honeymoon smooch.

Anyone interested in both water and land activities should head out to Botany Bay to explore the historical property and visit the private beach. The sights alone are stunning and the setting makes for a magical backdrop in any photo. In fact, many people use the property as a location for wedding pictures.

There is a guided tour on the property so that visitors can take a look at some of the historical ruins that remain from Edisto’s glory days of cotton growing.

Head to Charleston

Honeymooners can also trek off to nearby Charleston and take in all the historic and scenic sights offered by the city. For instance, visitors can head out to Ft. Sumter, go on guided walks through the city, shop in the Old Market, and check out the city’s shopping and nightlife situation.

One thing many couples take advantage of include the private horse-drawn carriage rides through downtown Charleston so that they can view homes on Rainbow Row and other historic areas of the city.
To really make a day of being in the city, check out one of the area’s many fine dining establishments that offers some of the best southern cooking in the world.

Make Memories

Overall, a honeymooning on Edisto Beach is bound to be memorable. It’s a beautiful area and once most people get a taste, they always come back for more. Plus, why not make Edisto a tradition in your marriage so that you can visit year after year.

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