An Edisto Favorite: Roadside Markets

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Any visitor to Edisto Island has surely noticed the abundance of roadside stands on the way to the island.

These stands feature everything from boiled peanuts to produce to seafood. The thing about all of these stands is that the items they offer are truly delicious.

If you get the chance, stop at some of these stands on your way to the island to get some authentic lowcountry food. The stands at the corner of Highway 17 and Highway 164 are excellent for boiled peanuts, seafood, and produce.

Once you wind your way down to the island, King’s Market on Highway 164 has the best tomatoes and peaches you’ll find anywhere. Plus, during certain times of year, you can walk out into the farm and pick your own fruit.

If you’re not interested in produce, peanuts, and seafood, stop by one of the sweetgrass basket stands. These stands feature handmade baskets that are woven straight from the grasses of the marsh lands. It’s an art form handed down for generations among those who celebrate the lowcountry’s Gullah culture.

A handmade basket or trinket from one of these stands makes for a truly unique souvenir from vacation for yourself or someone else.

The roadside stands stop once you get to the town of the beach, so make sure you visit one before you get to the beach.

However, if you do want to hit up some more of the same when you are at the beach, visit the Bay Creek Park on Wednesdays for its farmer’s market. You can find some interesting items there in terms of arts and crafts and local foods.

If you’re really into handmade crafts and local foods, visit Charleston’s historic market. This is right in downtown Charleston and goes on for blocks. It’s a must-see destination for anyone who has never visited the city before. While it can be very busy during the high season, it’s well worth the trip.

Plus, it’s located in such a beautiful area, you will be happy that you took the time to drive into the city to give it a whirl.

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