Four Reasons to Visit Edisto for Thanksgiving

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Do you really need a list of reasons to spend the holidays at the beach? Probably not. But just in case you’re on the fence about spending Thanksgiving down here, we’re offering a list that might help nudge you in the right (southern) direction.

Never Ending Beauty

Let’s start with the fact that Edisto Island is beautiful. This year-round beauty gets a lot of attention in the summer, but during the fall and winter she can really shine (clearly Edisto is a woman in this instance). In many ways visiting Edisto this time of year is like looking out upon freshly fallen snow untouched by footprints or shovels. The Atlantic crashes at the shore without a soul in the water, the sun goes down over the marsh browned while it waits for spring, and the crisp air invites all to come outside and experience nature.

Imagine walking the length of the beach from the Pavilion down around the point and toward the sound without even breaking a sweat. Without the sizzling heat of summer, many outdoor activities you never thought were possible become not only possible, but epic adventures.

Think you can’t enjoy the beach when it’s not hot out? Think again. Children love playing in tide pools and searching for shells just as much in the off season as they do in the summer. Adults love being able to relax knowing that no one is running in and out of the water. Be warned, though, if you’re bundled on the beach sitting in a chair and reading a book, it is highly likely you will fall asleep.

The Slow Pace

It’s not called Edislow for nothing. This time of year stores and restaurants on the island have shorter hours and a slower pace. But with this slow pace comes the opportunity to get to know some locals and find out stories from the island that you never knew.

Sit down for breakfast some morning and listen to an Edisto lifer tell you all about the way things used to be. Not only does this provide you with an authentic history lesson, you get to fully appreciate the Edisto way of life, which is something anyone who loves the beach is truly thankful for.

Let Someone Else Do the Cooking

When you get to Edisto, leave all the hassles of daily life behind. That means don’t do any cooking unless you want to. You can go out for every meal at the beach (aside from on major holidays), so if you really want to unwind, find out what it’s like to enjoy authentic Edisto cooking when you come for a visit.

If you do want to cook, you can always prepare your holiday meal with locally grown produce and fresh meat. You can always change things up a bit as well and turn your Thanksgiving Day meal into a seafood fest.

Waterfront Restaurant is offering a to go menu featuring Turkey and all the fixins’. We love the New England Clam chowder and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. Place your order by Monday, November 23rd at noon.  136 Jungle Road. 

It’s The Most Budget Friendly Time of Year

Let’s face it, coming to Edisto in the high season can be a bit pricey. But this time of year, you can get the best deals imaginable. Rent a house with a heated pool, stay out at the Hammocks or on Jeremy Cay, or get a taste of what Wydham Ocean Ridge has to offer.

With rates as low as they can get in many instances, you will be able to have an epic vacation at a fraction of the cost. Plus, if you’re coming from out of state and need to fly, try flying into Savannah. Sometimes the airfare is significantly cheaper than flying into Charleston and you get to experience some additional lowcounty beauty on your drive to the island.

Are You Ready?

If you haven’t decided to spend your vacation on the island yet, then what are you waiting for? It’s an exquisite time of year to be with the ones you love at the place you love. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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